Joyce M. Ball Reading and Learning Specialist
Joyce M. BallReading and Learning Specialist

 Enhancing Learning and Self-Esteem in Students

Enhancing learning, as well as improving students' self-esteem and self-confidence are most important to me. My expertise is supporting a family in various ways when their child experiences difficulties in his or her academics. My relationship with a family may start at the beginning of their child's academic career, or any time through high school. Sometimes a child may need help in a specific academic area, or the support maybe more global, as in study skills. In my practice, the majority of students have a diagnosed learning disability, such as dyslexia, nonverbal learning disability, executive functioning weaknesses, or a language-based disability. My eclectic approach to helping students serves my clients well. I strive to find the" best of the best practices"…those that are successful for the student I am working with at that time. I rarely use a published or scripted program in its entirety because I see each student as an individual and believe that no two students learn the same exact way. Therefore, I pride myself on adapting and modifying various programs and strategies to meet the needs of the individual.


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Joyce M. Ball M.S.

Reading and Learning Specialist

Rhode Island