Joyce M. Ball Reading and Learning Specialist
Joyce M. BallReading and Learning Specialist


Here are some programs and strategies I use with students:


• phonemic awareness skill

• various strategies that follow alphabetical principal

Orton Gillingham for remediation of dyslexia

Wilson Reading Program for remediation of dyslexia

Glass Analysis for support in decoding skills

Great Leaps to improve reading fluency

• Project Read's Framing Your Thoughts for support in written expression

Visualizing and Verbalizng for support in written expression

Touch Math to improve mathematical fluency and calculation

• "Structured Reading Comprehension"

• guided reading that follows Bloom's taxonomy

• strategies to help students become active readers

• strategies for students with executive function weaknesses

• strategies for students with a non-verbal learning disability

• Study Skills....note-taking from a lecture, making margin notes in text,

                        writing essay answers for tests, keeping an organized

                        notebook, studying for tests and exams using various