Joyce M. Ball Reading and Learning Specialist
Joyce M. BallReading and Learning Specialist

Testimonials from clients and parents

'I began to learn I was not stupid but just learned a different way....I learned to work on my abilities and to put forth twice the effort on things that didn't come easily to me.....Joyce built into me a work ethic that many of my peers find amazing.'  C.D.

‘Ms. Ball tutored me for years and I wouldn't have anyone else. She understands that I learn differently from others. Because of Ms. Ball, I have made academic high honors throughout high school and she has provided me with advice all the way. It is hard to find such a wonderful teacher like her.’  Z.T.


'Ms. Ball tutored me since my days in elementary school, when I began having trouble in areas that other kids were excelling in. I worked with Ms. Ball, and over the years I became stronger in these academic areas. I learned a lot about myself while learning specific ways that helped me study and stay organized. Everything she has taught me has helped me be successful in high school.'   J.S.

'We want to thank you for the recent meeting about our son.  You certainly have calmed many of our worries, and we know that he is in the best school with the best teachers possible.  I have always said that you taught him how to read, so you hold a very special place in our family.  My husband said, ‘Wouldn't it be great if Joyce could teach our son through 12th grade!’  Just thought you should know how much we truly respect your teaching and everything you do.  We'll keep on reading!  With many thanks and hugs.'   M.J.V.

'Joyce Ball began to work with our son at the end of first grade, when despite extra help from school staff he was unable to master even the most basic reading and writing skills. By this time he was convinced that he was "stupid" and in addition to a complex set of learning disabilities, he was also resistant to any attempts to work with him on reading and writing. Joyce was the first educator to gain our son's trust and to begin to systematically teach him to read and write. She tutored him through elementary and middle school and into high school, providing the academic support he needed,  always finding ways to build on his strengths and to compensate for his disabilities. Equally crucial, she was a strong and consistent advocate for him within the schools he attended. During the difficult times, she also provided the support to our family that was so important in allowing us in turn to support our son. Our son has graduated from high school and is now attending a very competitive college that is known nationally for  the intensity of its reading and writing demands across the curriculum.  We are deeply grateful to Joyce for the years of teaching and support that enabled this conclusion.'   EWB

'I have worked with Joyce, as a colleague, for the past seven years.  Throughout these years, she has provided me with curriculum support, mentoring, and insights into how students learn.  She is passionate about her work and dedicated to the needs of students, parents, and colleagues.  Joyce is fantastic!'  K.D.

Joyce has a wealth of knowledge about the field of learning disabilities and she is an invaluable resource to the state of Rhode Island. As part of her very busy tutorial practice, she receives referrals from all over the state. Joyce has dedicated her adult life to making connections with other professionals and to furthering her knowledge of the field of education. She assists families in finding a wide variety of resources, she researches new methods of instruction and receives additional training, and then she offers workshops to others professionals. Joyce is an outstanding woman whose dedication to teaching is genuine. Families who work with her know that she remains involved well beyond the tutoring years and professionals who seek her counsel know that she will do whatever she can to assist them. Joyce is an excellent referral source and an outstanding professional. C.F.